There are millions of reasons to protect.

Peace of Mind in Your Golden Years

Landing your first job, receiving your first pay cheque and moving into your own apartment for the first time will make you feel almost invincible. Which is why preparing for retirement may be the last thing you want to think about.

However, financial planning for your golden years should never come as an afterthought. Instead, where you are now — collecting your first pay cheque and putting some away for savings — is the perfect place to start!

  1. Start Saving Early

    The strength of your financial protection depends on how much you save in the first place — the earlier you start accumulating, the more financial back-up you have later in life. You can find out how much you need in a few minutes with our handy calculator.

  2. Live Within Your Means

    Having disposable income does not mean that you can throw money away without a care in the world. Instead, spending in moderation means less wastage and more emergency funds in times of need.

  3. Stay Healthy

    Our medical costs are increasing but do you know the best way to avoid hefty hospital bills? The answer is simple: by leading a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is the easiest, most cost-effective way to stay away from the doctor’s office. After all, health is wealth!

  4. Balance Your Investments

    If you already have some investments in place, re-examine them for balance from time to time. That’s because market forces may inadvertently impact your investments. A balanced investment portfolio means that it can withstand changing market forces, no matter which way it turns.

  5. Ensuring Adequate Life Insurance

    How much insurance is enough? Get some expert advice. Financial advisors will be able to help you manage your savings and investment plans, both in the short and long term. That way, you know exactly how much you need to save and how much disposable income you have for your living expenses.

Now you are all set! Go on that South American holiday you have always dreamed of. Or, start a family of your own with confidence that your finances are covered. With a financial plan in place, it is easy to live life to the fullest.