There are millions of reasons to protect.

Protecting Your Bump Now and Beyond

Becoming a parent is a truly wonderful experience. During pregnancy and once the baby arrives, you will want to focus on your baby rather than bills — especially the medical type. Ensure peace of mind by taking the time to sort out insurance coverage so that your child is covered during the pregnancy, after birth and in their childhood. Here are some great reasons why you should consider taking a child insurance plan.

Life Can Be Complicated

While we all hope for a smooth sailing pregnancy and birth, there can be pregnancy complications that may unfortunately threaten your baby’s life.

As life sometimes has a way of throwing us a curve ball, it is important to purchase insurance before the birth of your child to ensure complete protection from the unforeseen, such as miscarriages, abnormalities, critical illness, permanent disability and even death.

Ensure Medical Coverage Without Breaking Your Wallet

“So cheap lah!” is something that is never said about medical expenses. With the right insurance, you can be rest assured that should your child ever need to visit the emergency ward or go to the doctor, the bills will be covered. A good tip is to check the optional benefits many insurance plans have, ranging from health, hospitalisation, accidents and critical benefits that will help protect your child even more.

A Head Start in Life

It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s future. Plant the seeds towards your child’s future success by securing education funds early. Most education savings plans help in savings growth while some even provide a stream of guaranteed annual income during your child’s higher education years.

Speak with your insurance agent today to understand your options and find out what works best for your child and the wellbeing of your family.